OEM Information

Build or buy…it’s a question that many guitar builders face each and every day. Should I make the investments in a CNC machine or a small router? What about saws and drill presses? Sanding? Oh, better add dust filtration to the mix…shoot, just asking the questions can become daunting.


Now let’s assume that you decide to outsource your bodies and necks. Now you have another set of questions, the biggest of which is “WHO?”

There are quite a few of us here in the US that do what we do, but very few are actually willing to work with small to medium sized builders. Those that do treat you like just another customer; no customer service, no ability to visit the facility, no potential for discounts. In other words if we have it you can buy it, but don’t expect anything else.

This is where USA Custom Guitars is different. Our customer service is second to none, our quality is second to none and our support of the small to mid-range builder is second to none. If we could list the brands that we supply today you would immediately understand who we are, and what we deliver.

You want us to treat YOUR brand as if it were OUR brand. You want to build guitars, and you want the highest American made quality you can get, made by a team with over 100 years of experience without the machinery and staffing investment it takes.

Well, that’s what we do. That’s who we are.

Spend your time putting them together and making them sing… count on us to deliver the best tone woods and neck work money can buy.  You want the best, we deliver the best…and even better, no one has to know we built it. We don’t slam our name all over it and force feed it to you. We won’t even mention your name if you don’t want us to.  Can’t complain about that lol!

Please email us at sales@usacustomguitars.com for more details.