How long does a custom order take?

So, we get this question quite a bit and always try to answer it with a legit time frame based on the time of year, sometimes though the Sales side doesn’t always know what’s going on in the production queue, so here is a little primer that will help you:

January – not a busy month, its NAMM show time and everything is in a holding pattern. If you need something fast, this is the month to order – turnaround time – 4 to 6 weeks, sometimes less 😊

February – coming out of NAMM, phones are starting to ring, builders are digging through their NAMM orders, BUT can still be a good time to order especially in the first week – turnaround time – 4-6 weeks, sometimes less

March – Game on… I think they got the term March Madness from hanging out in the shop one March lol. Orders are now in full swing, and everybody wants it yesterday. Big orders coming in from our OEM side, 6-8 weeks turnaround in you are lucky, more than likely you are 8-10 weeks.

April – Game is STILL on. Phones wont stop ringing, web orders are FULL, Red Bull comes out of the water fountain, nobody takes breaks, adult diapers are the norm and PLEASE don’t play any more speed thrash metal on the sound system as it doesn’t make me go any faster. Turn Around time – 8 weeks on the inside, probably 10 -12 norm.

May – Okay…phones take a break a bit now, coming out of the March April mayhem and we are starting to catch up. Probably still 8 weeks on the inside BUT as you trip out towards the end of May that starts to come down.

June – vacations, graduations, things are now starting to become normal, and turnaround times a dropping back to normal – 6 weeks and falling

July – crickets, phones barely ring as everyone is on the beach or in the mountains or on a cruise or at Disney. 4 week turnarounds not uncommon.

August – okay, first week or two is like July BUT the phones are starting to ring again, kids are back in school and the builders are starting to think about the holidays and NAMM. Still at 4-6 weeks on turnaround

September – like horses out of the gate at Churchill downs dammit, here we go again. It’s serious now, we have Christmas coming and NAMM just 1 month after Christmas so our clients are building to sell and building to show. 6 weeks is norm but we are starting to push 8.

October – same as September, but our favorite month of the year 😊 so we are typically nicer.

November – if you wanted it for Christmas it had better be super easy! First week of November you are cutting it close, getting into the second week and beyond, fuhgeddaboudit, its coming in January.

December – probably one of the best months to order. You know its not coming for Christmas, and you are relaxed, as are we, probably back down to a 4-6 week turnaround once you hit week 2.