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Guitar Companies

  • Crook Custom Guitars - Bill Crook has 20+ years of experience, building hundreds of guitars for all kinds of players. Custom paisley finishes done up in a large choice of colors are his specialty.
  • Ron Kirn Signature - custom guitars made by a dear friend of ours. Ron has done some very cool builds - check out his website!
  • Southern Belle Guitars - gigging musicians who believe in making quality guitars and basses at an affordable price. Nothing wrong with that!
  • Gigliotti Custom Guitars - all guitars feature a patent pending metal plate top insert. These guitars are awesome!
  • Callaham Guitars - custom guitars, handmade one-at-a-time and the absolute best hardware too.
  • SVL Guitars - Simon Law of Gloucestershire, U.K. runs his small operation based on great customer service and a quest for the perfect tone.
  • Starr Guitars- custom shop quality guitars without the wait, and at half the expense.
  • JP Guitars - our buddy Jack Pimentel crafts custom guitars of unparalleled quality.
  • Yajima Stringworks - a small manufacturer of unique, radically designed, high quality custom guitars.
  • Zero Guitars - Semi-hollow aluminum body guitars - these are great!
  • Koll Guitar Company - Saul Koll has been producing finely crafted guitars for over a decade.
  • RS Guitar Works - offering the finest guitars, antique aged finishes and hardware since 1994.

Guitar Related Products and Services

  • Lollar Guitars - Jason Lollar winds some amazing custom pickups. That man wrote the book on pickup winding... literally. He really did write a book on it - no shit. I think he's selling it on his website. Go there. Buy pickups.
  • Cavalier Pickups - Our longtime friend Rob DiStefano is OUT of the guitar repair/assembly game, but he is winding some fantastic, affordable custom pickups in his NJ shop. Check them out!
  • Luthiers Mercantile International, Inc. - your source for guitar woods, materials, supplies, and tools.
  • Kinman Pickups - Toneful Noiseless Single Coil pickups all the way from the land Down Under.
  • Bare Knuckle Pickups - These guys are out of the UK and are making some of the most unique versions of single coils and humbuckers around.
  • Bill Lawrence Wilde Pickups - The Bill Lawrence legacy continues. Considered the Godfather of replacement pickups, his pioneering designs live on. Outstanding quality and workmanship!
  • - The World's Resource for Guitar Parts & Wiring Information.
  • - A very cool website that sells all kinds of pedals. Lots of wallet friendly offerings. At those prices you can afford to buy more than one! Check them out.
  • Pickguardian Custom Pickguards - Our preferred custom pickguard vendor. Tony D. can make guards for nearly all of our body styles.
  • Tone-Guard Custom Pickguards and Accessories - Super cool metal pickguards, powder coating, and custom accessories for your axe.
  • MJT Custom Aged Guitar Finishes - Mark Jenny provides excellent aged nitro finishes at affordable prices. Guitars too.
  • Naked Body Guitars - a premier nitrocellulose lacquer finishing service in Long Island, NY. Did we mention that Dawn not only does great finishing work, but her baked goods are to die for!
  • Guitar Guru - Rick Giarmo in New Jersey does airbrushed graphics, custom finishes, repairs, and restorations.
  • Medina-Made Custom Leather Guitars Straps - specializing in personal designs and themes for all instruments.
  • Custom Inlay - For the absolute best in custom inlay.
  • Mosby Guitars - Do'ers of excellent inlay work as well as many other fine services.
  • Earvana - They have a better approach to open string intonation - a compensating nut to fix intonation problems.
  • Fret Not Guitar Repair - New and Vintage fretted instrument repair and more.

Guitar Resources

  • USA Custom-Gate - Have a question or want to share your knowledge and experience? See our forum hosted by "Nocaster" on the F.I.B.
  • Time Electronics - Specialists in Live Sound FOH Engineering, Music & Studio Production,Vintage Instruments, and Tube Amplifiers
  • Charlie Chandler's Guitar Experience - Chas C. goes solo! Custom guitars and expert repairs in the U.K.
  • - lots of links and instructions for all of your project guitar needs.
  • The Guitar ReRanch - offers vintage guitar refinishing supplies along with application instructions.
  • - 45 guitar instructors with over 2,500 online guitar lessons in one massive site.
  • - Your guide to over 1000 Guitar resources and Music sites!

USACG on the Web

  • USA Custom Guitars Tour - a photo tour of our shop from July 2001 hosted by the kind folks at FRETS.COM
  • ProSound Communications - A Japanese website featuring an interview with Tommy and photo gallery of our old shop. Very informative if you can read Japanese. Nice pictures too!
  • The Complete Telecaster- Check out the mini "interview" and feature on USA Custom Guitars.

Other Services

ThumbSniper - the dude who wrote the app that shows website thumbnails when you hover over the links on this page. Bloody brilliant!