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Guitar Companies

KRS Custom Guitars - Custom guitars by Ken Sheldon of Southern CA. Ken's philosophy: "Attention to detail is essential to guitar building. It's the small stuff that often makes the difference."

SVL Guitars - Simon Law of Gloucestershire, U.K. runs his small operation based on great customer service and a quest for the perfect tone.

K-Line Custom Guitars - Our long time friend Chris Kroenlein builds one-of-a-kind electric guitars; great-playing instruments which are aesthetically accurate in color, finish and components, and are moderately distressed to resemble worn-in (but not worn-out!) classic guitars.

Ron Kirn Signature - custom guitars made by a dear friend of ours. Ron has done some very cool builds - check out his website!

Cigar Box Guitars - Finely crafted custom cigar box guitars hand-made by experienced luthiers. Tradition inspired instruments with an authentic primitive blues sound. Workshop located in Montreal, Quebec.

Riggs Custom Guitars - Our old friend Jim is making some nice stuff in his California shop. Cool original body designs and some classic ones too.

Byrd Guitars - combining real engineering innovation within the context of a tradition; real guitars made from real wood, and designed by a real guitarist.

Callaham Guitars - custom guitars, handmade one-at-a-time and the absolute best hardware too.

Glendale Guitars - Home of Intone "Cutting Edge" Saddles. Our buddy Dale makes some fine guitars and custom hardware too!

Valenti Basses - Custom building the best possible basses at the best possible prices. Give Nino a call!

Starr Guitars - custom shop quality guitars without the wait, and at half the expense.

JP Guitars - our buddy Jack Pimentel crafts custom guitars of unparalleled quality.

Yajima Stringworks - a small manufacturer of unique, radically designed, high quality custom guitars.

Crook Custom Guitars - Custom paisley finishes done to perfection - choose from the original pink as well as many custom colors.  

NashGuitars - Tone taken seriously. Custom shop guitars and relics a specialty.

Zero Guitars - Semi-hollow aluminum body guitars - these are great!

Gigliotti Custom Guitars - all guitars feature a patent pending metal plate top insert. These guitars are awesome!

Koll Guitar Company - Saul Koll has been producing finely crafted guitars for over a decade.

Onyx Forge Custom Electric Guitars - custom solid and hollow body 6, 7 and 12 string standard, fretted and fretless basses and baritone guitars.

Guitar Resources

USA Custom-Gate - Have a question or want to share your knowledge and experience? See our forum hosted by "Nocaster" on the F.I.B. - Rob DiStefano's fretted instrument technical services. Great nut cutting tutorial and DIY finishing tips as well.

Time Electronics - Specialists in Live Sound FOH Engineering, Music & Studio Production,Vintage Instruments, and Tube Amplifiers

Charlie Chandler's Guitar Experience - Chas C. goes solo! Custom guitars and expert repairs in the U.K. - lots of links and instructions for all of your project guitar needs.

The Guitar ReRanch - offers vintage guitar refinishing supplies along with application instructions. - 45 guitar instructors with over 2,500 online guitar lessons in one massive site. Lessons use video, mp3 and guitar tabs so you can learn guitar at any time of day or night. Lessons cover every major style including acoustic, blues, classical, country, jazz, rock and metal.

WorkshopLive - provides 1000’s of online music lessons. - Your guide to over 1000 Guitar resources and Music sites!

Guitar Related Products and Services - A very cool website that sells all kinds of pedals. Lots of wallet friendly offerings. At those prices you can afford to buy more than one! Check them out.

Lollar Guitars - Jason Lollar winds some amazing custom pickups. That man wrote the book on pickup winding... literally. He really did write a book on it - no shit. I think he's selling it on his website. Go there. Buy pickups.

Knappster Guitar - Marty Knapp is spraying beautiful Nitro Lacquer finishes. If you want a new nitro finish on parts you buy from us, we'll send it to him to work his magic.

Tone-Guard Custom Pickguards and Accessories - Super cool metal pickguards, powder coating, and custom accessories for your axe.

Pickguardian Custom Pickguards - Our preferred custom pickguard vendor. Tony D. can make guards for nearly all of our body styles.

Bare Knuckle Pickups - These guys are out of the UK and are making some of the most unique versions of single coils and humbuckers around.

MJT Custom Aged Guitar Finishes - Mark Jenny provides excellent aged nitro finishes at affordable prices.

Guitar Guru - Rick Giarmo in New Jersey does airbrushed graphics, custom finishes, repairs, and restorations.

Cox Guitar Repair - Quality guitar repair shop located in upstate New York.

Medina-Made Custom Leather Guitars Straps - specializing in personal designs and themes for all instruments.

Custom Inlay - For the absolute best in custom inlay.

RS Guitar Works - offering the finest antique aged finishes since 1994. Aged hardware too!

Bill Lawrence Pickups - Bill Lawrence has been a pioneer in electric pickup design since the mid-60's. Outstanding quality and workmanship!

Naked Body Guitars - a premier nitrocellulose lacquer finishing service in Long Island, NY. Did we mention that Dawn not only does great finishing work, but her baked goods are to die for!

Mosby Guitars - Do'ers of excellent inlay work as well as many other fine services.

Kangaroo Amp Covers - The next best thing to having your own roadie!

Earvana - They have a better approach to open string intonation - a compensating nut to fix intonation problems.

Kinman Pickups - Toneful Noiseless Single Coil pickups all the way from the land Down Under.

Fret Not Guitar Repair - New and Vintage fretted instrument repair and more. - The World's Resource for Guitar Parts & Wiring Information.

USACG on the Web

USA Custom Guitars Tour - a photo tour of our shop from July 2001 hosted by the kind folks at FRETS.COM

ProSound Communications - A Japanese website featuring an interview with Tommy and photo gallery of our old shop. Very informative if you can read Japanese. Nice pictures too!

The Complete Telecaster- Check out the mini "interview" and feature on USA Custom Guitars.

Other Services

Bell Street Records - Digital Recording, Editing and Mastering as well as music instruction. Good people - located in Tacoma, WA.