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Custom Neck Options

Fret Sizes
We have got a great selection of fret sizes to suit every players' needs and preferences.
All are standard nickel silver alloy frets except where noted.

Stainless Steel frets are now available thanks to many customer requests.
We currently have the sizes similar to Dunlop 6230, 6105, 6150, and 6100.

Add $30 for any Stainless Steel fret installation.

Dimensions listed measure the fret width by the crown height.
Fret Size Dimensions
(W x H)
.080" x .043"
small wire for a more vintage feel
.080" x .043"
6230 available in Stainless Steel
.106" x .036"
low and wide fret for lots of fingerboard feel
.090" x .055"
tall and narrow - a great all-purpose fret
.090" x .055"
6105 available in Stainless Steel
.095" x .047"
a new size for the player that wants something in between 6105 & 6150
.104" x .047"
true jumbo fret for rock and bass players
.104" x .047"
6150 available in Stainless Steel
.110" x .057"
huge fret wire for those who want a scalloped feel
.110" x .057"
6100 available in Stainless Steel
.118" x .058"
railroad ties - the largest size fret available

A note from Tommy about stainless steel frets (in case you were wondering)...

"Quite honestly they look great and they wear great, but I am a little old fashioned and think they will affect the overall tone of the instrument in a bright way - kind of like a big truss rod. Some things are just magical and shouldn't be messed with. We really feel they would change the tone of the parts we so carefully make for you - we have formulas that we know work well for parts. Sometimes it's scary to mess with a good formula."

We still stand behind our comments above, but also know that many of you have your own "tone formulas" that may be best achieved by using Stainless.

Nut Slot Specifications

Nut width is truly a personal preference. We can cut the nut slot with a curved or flat bottom - your choice.

Guitar Necks : Choose from the vintage 1.650", the modern 1-11/16", the wide 1-3/4", and the super wide 1-7/8" (S or T style only - requires a body with a 2-5/16" neck pocket - please specify when ordering).

Bass Necks Choose from the narrow J width or the wider P bass width; our 5 string necks have a 1-7/8" width.

Locking nut plateaus are available in place of the standard nut. We don't offer the nut bolt attachment holes thru the neck - we've seen too many guitar necks crack and have other wood stability problems due to those darned holes! Top mounted locking nuts are available - so do your neck a great service and get one of those instead! The cost is an additional $25.

We can also accommodate the LSR roller nut at no additional cost.

***Why we won't sell or install pre slotted nuts.***

Nut fabrication and installation should be one of the last things done in the assembly process. We feel that to attempt to do this at this early stage would be doing the instrument a disservice. Since we don't offer hardware, this also prohibits us from providing the nut blank material as well. There are lots of guitar shop supply companies who sell nut blanks, and trained guitar techs/luthiers who can cut and install a nut that will be a perfect fit based on your preferences (desired string height, string spacing, etc.) We may even be able to recommend a tech in your area - ask us when you place your order.

Inlay Options

We are pleased to offer Callaham REAL CLAY dots installed for an extra $20.00 per neck, available on rosewood boards only. These give a true vintage vibe, and we think they're just so cool looking.

The standard inlay dots we use are black delrin, white plastic, or a creamy faux clay.

We have Mother of Pearl, Black MOP and gorgeous Paua Shell for an additional $10 for face dots only (plastic side dots) or $20 for both fancy face and side dots.

You can choose no fingerboard inlay at all. We do recommend side dots though.

Here is a neck in need of face and side dots - you choose!

We can do smaller size dots on the fingerboard face (side dot size) at no additional charge. For really fancy custom inlay, see the Links section for inlay artists we recommend.


We also have the USA Custom logo which is CNC carved directly into the peghead face, and filled with clear epoxy, for an additional $10.

Fingerboard Radius Options

Fingerboards are cut with our own standard conical 7-1/4" to 9-1/2" radius.

We find this to be a perfect marriage (and those don't happen too often nowadays, do they?) between vintage and modern radii, giving you the ease of chording in the first position and the ability to bend notes on the higher frets without buzzing and fretting out. We're proud to say that this is the radius ordered by the majority of our customers.

Our 7-1/4" to 9-1/2" compound radius, the 10"-16" compound radius, and any straight radius is available upon request at no additional cost. 7-1/4", 9-1/2", 10", 12" are the most common straight radii.

We can accommodate most other compound radius needs. Due to the additional time spent programming our machine, there is an up charge. Please contact us for a quote.