Price Quote Forms

The old quote forms are history. I’m glad. Aren’t you? Maybe. Maybe not. The new ones are now working in all browsers and on all platforms.

Fixed a few bugs and added truss rod location options on neck forms. Doh!
The only item missing right now is Super-wide guitar necks – a work in progress.

We are not currently accepting custom orders on the website, but you can get the ball rolling by filling in one or more of our quote forms where you can select options, and get a general price (sometimes spot on – depends on what you’re selecting). When you submit your masterpiece, you will receive an automated email with an overview of your selections. We receive the very same email. We review it, and within 3 business days, contact you to verify the specs, and if the stars align, work up an order.

Select from the menu to the right (or down below if you are browsing on a tablet or mobile device).