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davidallen-logoDavid Allen Pickups – David Allen Pickups was created to “BRING TONE TO LIFE”™ by creating high quality, precision crafted, musical equipment with the best materials and processes we can use. Our mission is to delight our customers with the quality, consistency, value and tone of our products. Based in the U.S.A., David Allen pickups and effects pedals are consistently chosen by players all over the world.


kinman-logoKinman Pickups – We aim to make the best noiseless guitar pickup in the universe ….. BIG ask, BIG achievement. The King of Noiseless and the Prince of Expression delivers this promise.

To kill hum without killing the tone is a formidable technical challenge, one that ONLY Chris Kinman has taken seriously. So seriously that Kinman makes just one class of pickup, great sounding Zero-Hum (noiseless) pickups. To achieve a great sound without hum requires advanced technology, and Kinman has 7 Patents aimed at doing just that. Chris Kinman is one of the very few if not the only Electrical Engineer in the pickup industry and the first (and only) to use science to solve the problems of hum cancelling single pole pickups.


rogerb-logoRoger B.’s – Electric guitar pickups made the traditional way – by hand, using the old style techniques, materials, wrapped in paper in an old box…and in no better place than just outside London England! Don’t let the packaging fool you, these things sound AMAZING!!


fralin-logoLindy Fralin Pickups – The Lindy Fralin Pickups team strives to make the highest quality product available: from start to finish. Our pickups are assembled from the highest quality materials we can get our hands on.

We use all USA-Made parts, and we assemble, wind, and test every pickup by hand – with unsurpassed attention to detail. Our goal is for our customer to be completely blown away by the tone, clarity, and articulation of our pickups.

klein-logoKlein Pickups – We are your Vintage Pickup specialists. We have cornered the market of manufacturing the most accurate vintage pickup reproductions which can not be equaled. Our process is to chemically analyze an original pickup’s magnets and wire, then reproduce them with the exact same specs. We don’t use stock magnets or wire. Our wire is specially manufactured for us, and processed differently than modern conventional wire. These little details are what makes the Klein Pickups Reproductions the most accurate in the world.

florance-logoPeter Florance Voodoo Pickups – Voodoo pickups are meticulously built to vintage standards and completely hand made in the USA.

They are hand assembled with specially made sand cast Alnico magnets made to vintage specs, using wire manufactured to correct vintage specs, and hand wound to the specific vintage coil patterns. Then they are then checked, measured and rechecked. Finally they are aged with a special process.

seymourduncan-logoSeymour Duncan – A leading manufacturer of hand-crafted electric guitar and bass pickups and more. Helping musicians find their signature sound since 1976. Seymour Duncan is a replacement pickup pioneer. With a rich history wiring incredibly iconic pickups, Seymour Duncan has solidified itself as one of the foremost guitar accessories manufacturers of its time. Thanks to their dedicated team of craftsmen in California, Seymour Duncan has helped everyone from bedroom players to the likes of Slash, Billy Gibbons, and Jeff Beck develop their own unique signature sounds. We have a select number of Duncan pickups in stock and ready to ship to you!

honeybadger-logoHoney Badger Pickups – A great sounding bass pickup shouldn’t require extra circuitry to sound good.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with active systems – we’re fans, too – but the sound really needs to be right *there* in order for everything to work the way you hear it in your head.  So, we went about handcrafting the very best sounding passive pickup you can get- and the recipe works unbelievably well whether you’re using active or passive systems. And, when we say “handcrafting”, we mean it.  Honey Badgers are all built in the USA using only the finest ingredients.